our story & our mission

Our story began in 2016 with one simple goal: to bring quality kombucha to the community that we all grew up in and loved. We set up shop in an old pizza parlor that we turned into a makeshift brewery. We bought a few small pieces of equipment and got to work.


In those first few months, we made a lot of mistakes, but soon our smooth, sweet kombucha started making a name for itself. sünnte was embraced by several beloved small-business owners in our community who were each willing to take a risk on a product they weren't sure they knew how to pronounce the name of yet.

Slowly and steadily, we began carving out a little space in the hearts of people who tried our product—they loved the taste and more importantly, they loved how it made them feel, not just physically but emotionally too. They learned, like we had, that it's hard to be sad when you have a little sünnte in your life.

Before long, we outgrew our space. Not wanting to forget our local roots or story, we expanded sünnte to a professional-grade brewing facility located inside an old army depot at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains. Our new facility has plenty of stories and is the perfect place for creating beautiful brews that help you write your own story. . . .

 all good here.

Because at sünnte, it's about remembering where you came from (for us it's that old pizza parlor with nothing but big dreams and a little money in our pockets).

It's about letting your beginnings—no matter how humble—shape the endless possibilities of your future,


It's about being passionate and brave, while staying teachable and true to who you are.


It's about supporting the community that raised you by giving back as often as possible.


Above all, it's about celebrating what makes you happy—in our space, that's brewing delicious kombucha that connects great people in healthy ways with one another all over our community and the world, one sip at a time.

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