the kombucha for everyone

sünnte—pronounced "soon-tea"—means healthy tea in Norwegian, and is exactly what we create: clean and crisp kombucha brewed with beautiful teas to make living probiotics for everyone to enjoy! Our brews are mild and smooth and run a wide range of flavors, so whether you're a veteran or a first-timer, there's something here for you. Sweet or savory, fruity and floral—we've got them all.

what makes sünnte special?

We take extra care to make sure that every ingredient going into our hand-crafted, small-batch booch is organic and fair-trade. That's because we care about the environment, and you too. There are never added juices, concentrates, or sweeteners, just beautiful teas, dried fruits, and vibrant spices.

sünnte is naturally rich with living probiotics that help promote good gut health, not to mention enzymes and amino acids that help to nourish your body and aid in your body’s digestive and repair processes. It’s good for you and good for the world. 


sünnte is love and health and happiness, a reason to celebrate and live life to the fullest—it's the kombucha for everyone. Taste it for yourself at a location near you!

we live by our motto and you can too: all good here.

taste the sünnte difference

  • organic, fair-trade ingredients

  • small batch

  • hand-crafted

  • no juice

  • no dyes

  • no concentrates

  • true kombucha

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